Understanding Your Bill

A. Account number. This provides our office with the fastest means of accessing computer information about your account.

B. The amount to be paid on or before the due date.

C. Payment due date or bank draft date. Payments must reach the office on or before this date to avoid a late charge.

D. Please return this lower portion with your payment.

E. Energy usage chart showing your energy consumption for the past 23 months.

F. Service map location number. Used internally to identify service locations.

G. Usage period: dates of service covered by this bill.

H. Service address. The address where your meter is located. Also known as the “911 address” assigned by the county.

I. Issues pertaining to you and the cooperative will be found in this area.

J. Savings from Off-Peak Heating: Members with off-peak electric heat will see savings year round from electric heat and electric water heating.