Recycle Old Christmas Light Strings

Drop off wires, extension cords, Christmas light strings, telephone wires, and electrical cords from electronic devices at REA now through 1/31/19 or year-round at the Pope/Douglas Recycling Center in Alexandria.

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Director Holm Announces Retirement from REA Board

After 32 years on the Runestone Electric Association Board of Directors, Ron Holm, from District Four, has announced he will not be seeking re-election in 2019. “It has been my honor to serve our electric cooperative, and now it’s time to allow others this...

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REA Director Districts Change with Population Shift

According to Article III of the Bylaws of Runestone Electric Association, our service area is divided into seven districts. If the population of a district is more than 20% greater or 20% lesser than 1/7th of the total membership of the cooperative, the board of...

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Standby Generators from REA

A standby generator from REA is designed to provide peace of mind and keep your life uninterrupted. Lights stay on, the sump pump keeps running, and your furnace or AC keeps your family comfortable. Learn more.

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Operation Round Up

Co-op Connections Card