Membership Guarantees

Exclusively for the members of Runestone Electric Association!

Service First
When you contact our office with any service or billing related question, we will respond within two working days, guaranteed. This is our commitment to superior customer service. If we fail, we’ll apply a $20 credit to your electric service account.

Our staff is here to help you. If you are ever treated in a discourteous manner, your next month’s fixed charge is on us.

Yard Lights 
Your (Runestone Electric owned) yard light is important, both to you and to us. When it fails, we will have it fixed within five working days from the time you notify us. If not, your following month’s yard light billing is free.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 
Our bottom line is your satisfaction. Any time you feel that we have not performed up to your expectations, let us know. Our goal is simply to maintain the highest standard of service in the industry.

Please contact REA at 320-762-1121 or 1-800-473-1722 with any questions you maybe regarding the guarantees.