Annual Meeting

Runestone Electric Association holds an Annual Meeting each spring to update members on how their co-op is doing financially and operationally, to elect directors, and to transact business. It is an opportunity for members to learn more about their co-op, ask questions, and get educated on programs offered by Runestone Electric Association. Members are notified each year by mail and in the newsletter when and where the Annual Meeting will take place.


Runestone Electric Association held its Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 27, at the Alexandria Area High School Performing Arts Center. Board of Directors seats were determined in Districts 3, 6 and 7, and scholarships were awarded to 18 students (see story on page 3).

Runestone Electric’s bylaws allow for uncontested director elections to be elected by acclamation, as in District 3, where Audrey Hjelle, ran unopposed and was reelected. In District 7, Matthew Mattson, ran unopposed and was reelected.
In the District 6 Director election, Joel Seela was elected to the Board with 128 votes. Bruce Harvey received 90 votes and Paul Stennes received 65 votes. Hjelle, Mattson and Seela will serve three-year terms.

During the business meeting, Board President Barbara Johnson and CEO Al Haman gave reports on the activities and financial condition of the Cooperative. “At the end of 2022, the total assets of the cooperative were $102 million. That includes plant assets like the office and warehouse, substations, lines, poles and transformers. We finished 2022 with 211 new accounts and surpassed 15,000 total accounts,” said President Johnson.

In his presentation, CEO Al Haman said some of the biggest challenges of 2022 were three major summer storms, with storm expenses exceeding $800,000. Looking at 2023, Haman said the Cooperative is challenged by inflation and supply chain issues while working to maintain and improve reliability. Focusing on the future, Haman highlighted the Carbon-Free by 2040 bill and two large transmission line projects within REA’s service territory.

Retiring REA director, Clif Patrick, was recognized for his nine years of service representing District 6. “Thank you to our members who made time to attend the Annual Meeting. I appreciate your feedback and kind words,” Haman said.

Immediately following the adjournment of the meeting, the Board of Directors held a Reorganizational Meeting to elect officers. Elected to their positions were Gary (Andy) Anderson (District 1), President; Mike Loken (District 5), Vice President; Matthew Mattson (District 7), Treasurer; and Dave Staples (District 4), Secretary. Other directors on the board include Barbara Johnson (District 2), Audrey Hjelle (District 3), and Joel Seela (District 6).

Attendees of the Annual Meeting Received a $25 Gift Certificate.

Gift certificates are redeemable at a variety of businesses served by REA. Must be present at Annual Meeting to receive a gift certificate.

Redeemable only at Participating REA Member Businesses:

2100 Chophouse at Arrowwood Resort
2100 Arrowwood Ln NW, Alexandria

22 Northmen Brewing
6693 Co Rd 34 NW, Alexandria

Beau Coffee Company
Local Pick up/Drop off

Blairview Saddle Shop
6320 MN-29, Alexandria

Brother’s Market: Carlos
8170 MN-29, Carlos

Brother’s Market: Miltona
4350 Co Rd 14 NE, Miltona

Burr Vineyards
10522 Co Rd 58 NW, Brandon

Carlos Creek Winery
6693 Co Rd 34 NW, Alexandria

Chet’s Lakeside Inn
15681 Co Rd 102 NE, Parkers Prairie

Country Blossom Farm
5769 Magnuson Rd SW, Alexandria

Diamond Waves & Wags Car Wash
5667 St. Hwy. 29 S., Alexandria

Doraisamy Farm
1090 Co Rd 7 NW, Garfield

Erickson’s Petting Zoo
11890 Hope Rd, Osakis

Jim & Judy’s 1 Stop
12321 St Hwy 29 N, Alexandria

Kadejan Market
11535 Hwy 29, Alexandria

Lake Miltona Golf Club
3868 Co Rd 5 NE, Alexandria

Lake Reno Bar & Grill
14566 MN-29, Glenwood

L’Etoile du Nord Vineyard
16451 NW Irene Ct NE, Parkers Prairie

Long Lake Lodge
16021 Long Lake Rd NW, Brandon

Rolling Forks Vineyards
21505 Selnes Rd, Glenwood

Selective TV
2308 S Broadway, #2, Alexandria

Stivland Gardens
30085 110th St, Lowry

Stoke Wood-Fired Pizza
6693 Co Rd 34 NW, Alexandria

Tipsinah Mounds Golf Course
15185 Golf Course Rd, Elbow Lake