Fast Facts

Runestone Electric Association (REA) provides electricity and related products and services to homes, farms and businesses in portions of Douglas, Pope, Grant, Stevens, Ottertail, Stearns and Todd counties.

Headquarters Alexandria
Year Founded 1935
Number of Employees 36 fulltime
Number of  Electric Services 14,970
Miles of Line 2,998 total, 1,110 underground, 1,888 overhead
Electric Services per Mile  4.9
Number of Substations 19
Wholesale Power Provider Great River Energy, Western Area Power Administration
Energy Source Mix Please see below
Wellspring Energy Subscribers:  Wind: 184  Solar: 1

Energy Sources

Runestone Electric Association has a diverse energy mix that allows us to serve our members with safe, reliable, and affordable electricity. We receive most of our electricity from Great River Energy, and we also receive power from WAPA (Western Area Power Administration). The energy from WAPA is all hydropower, which adds more carbon-free power to our energy mix.

Get a more in-depth look into our power supply at Great River Energy  and  WAPA (Western Area Power Administration)

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