Electric Vehicles

Get Smart about Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are fast becoming a reality in homes across the country. Your cooperative is ready to provide you with the information to help you understand the advances in electric vehicle technology!

Before you consider an electric vehicle it is important to understand the market. Here are answers to common questions co-op members have about electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles Overview

A U.S. Consumer’s Guide To Electric Vehicles – EPRI

Electric vehicles are designed to serve different roles not unlike your current vehicle. Learn about the difference between a PEHV, PEV, and BEV and which one is the best fit for you.

Nuts and Bolts of BEVs
Nuts and Bolts of PHEVs

Get Started – Purchasing and Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Before you purchase an electric vehicle it is important to know what is available and where to charge your new electric vehicle. For owners of electric vehicles, at home or workplace charging provides the greatest percentage of their needs. When planning trips, charging on the road during longer trips requires a little more planning since you’ll need access to charging stations along the way. Public charging infrastructure is being added at a fast pace and will soon simplify those longer trips

Businesses and public building owners are beginning to install Level 2, 240-volt, public chargers across the state. Level 3 fast-charging stations along highways and in public places can recharge a car to 80 percent of battery capacity in less than 30 minutes.

Please visit  www.plugincars.com/charging-stations to learn about available charging infrastructure.

Electric vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Visit www.plugincars.com/cars to learn about electric vehicle options.

Learn More About Electric Vehicles in Minnesota

Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D)

REA Programs

If you have or are considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, we have a “green” program for you. On occasional days when the cooperative experiences a period of high electric usage, wait to charge your vehicle during non-demand times*, and you’ll pay half price electric rates for your vehicle charging time.

* Peak demand times typically occur during the afternoon and early evening. Your vehicle would not be able to charge during this time. These peak demand times occur occasionally each month.

Contact an REA energy specialist or call 320-762-1121 or 800-473-1722 for details.