Power Line Safety

Accidentally contacting a power line can be dangerous and in some cases, even deadly. Runestone Electric Association wants to help our members stay safe around power lines.

Keep a safe distance

Whether you are playing outdoors with your children or working on landscaping projects, keep a safe distance from power lines and other equipment Runestone Electric Association uses to get electricity to your home.

  • Stay away from power lines, meters, transformers and electrical boxes.
  • Don’t climb trees near power lines.
  • Never fly kites, remote control airplanes or balloons near power lines.
  • If you get something stuck in a power line, call Runestone Electric Association to get it.
  • Keep a safe distance from overhead power lines when working with ladders or installing objects such as antennas.

Downed Power Lines

  • Never touch or go near a downed power line.
  • Don’t touch anything that may be touching a downed wire, such as a car.
  • Keep children and pets away.
  • Call Runestone Electric Association at 1-800-473-1722 to report downed power lines.

Vehicle Accidents and Utility Poles

If you encounter a vehicle accident involving a utility pole or power lines:

  • Call 911
  • Don’t touch any passenger who may be in contact with a power line.
  • Don’t touch anything that’s in contact with the vehicle.
  • Don’t attempt to move power lines or utility poles.
  • If passengers must exit the vehicle, jump clear of it without touching the vehicle and ground at the same time. Land with feet together and shuffle away.
  • Don’t rely on rubber boots, raincoats, rubber gloves or wire cutters for protection.

Safety First Day Camp

REA participates in Safety First Day Camp each spring at the Runestone Community Center. The day is filled with interactive safety-related activities for fifth graders from around the region.

A BIG thank you to Subway® for providing coupons for a free cookie to all kids who participate in Safety First Day Camp.