REA Board of Directors

REA Board Members

District One 
Gary (Andy) Anderson, Board Secretary
17458 E Lk Vermont Rd NE
Parkers Prairie, MN 56361
(320) 304-211


District Two 
Barbara Johnson, Board President
14869 Miltona West Rd NW
Miltona, MN 56354
(320) 834-2498


District Three
Audrey Hjelle, Director
20340 180th. Ave.
Barrett, MN 56311
(320) 528-2383



Dave_StaplesDistrict Four 
David Staples
17357 Co Rd 107 Sw
Kensington, MN 56343
(320) 491-6607


District Five 
Mike Loken, Treasurer
8620 Co Rd 8 NW
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 834-3472


District Six
Clif Patrick, Board Vice President
13133 E. Lovers Lk Rd SE
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 232-9057


District Seven
Brad Burklund, Director
26456 Billehus Lane
Starbuck, MN 56381
(320) 224-7173

How to Run for the REA Board of Directors

Each year districts elect directors. Districts 1 & 4 hold elections in one year, Districts 2 & 5 the following year, and Districts 3, 6 & 7 the year after that. When the district in which your membership resides is having an election, you may seek nomination to be a director candidate at the District Meetings held in January. Nomination by petition is also available with fifteen or more signatures from members in your district within fifteen days after the district meeting. Please see the Director Qualifications below.

Directors are elected by voters in their district. Ballots are mailed to each eligible member. They may be returned by mail, in person or members may vote at the annual meeting.

Election Cycle:

Districts 1 & 4: 2019
Districts 3, 6 & 7: 2020 
Districts 2 & 5: 2021

Director Qualifications

From Runestone Electric Association Bylaws ARTICLE III  Section 7. Qualifications. 

No person shall be eligible to become or remain a director of the Cooperative who:

(a.)  is not a bona fide member of the Cooperative receiving electric service from the Cooperative in the district that the director represents or would represent if elected;

(b)    is not a bona fide resident of the district from which he or she is elected or for which he or she is a candidate; (bona fide resident shall be defined as occupying and continuously and materially purchasing electric service at a location within any director district from which the director is elected or for which he or she is a candidate for at least nine (9) months each calendar year);

(c)    is in any way employed by or substantially financially interested in an enterprise substantially competing with the Cooperative or any Cooperative-affiliated business;

(d)    within five (5) years preceding a director candidate’s nomination was or during service on the Board of Directors is adjudged to be guilty of a felony;

(e)    within three (3) years preceding a director candidate’s nomination was a full-time employee of the Cooperative;

(f)    is a grandparent, parent, spouse, cohabitant, child, or grandchild of an incumbent who is not up for reelection at that time;

(g)    is a grandparent, parent, spouse, cohabitant, child, or grandchild of an employee of the Cooperative;

(h)    is or becomes the full-time employee or agent or, who is or becomes the full-time employer or principal of, another director;

(i)     does not have the capacity to enter legally binding contracts;

(j)     unless excused for good cause by the board is absent from three or more regular meetings of the Board of Directors during any calendar year.

How to Vote in Elections

Anytime there is a vote of the membership, whether on revising bylaws or a director election, a ballot will be mailed to each eligible member giving them the opportunity to cast their vote by mail. Any vote is preceded by repeated publications of information on the issue, candidates and voting options in the Cooperative’s monthly newsletter Newsline. Any additional voting options, such as voting at the Annual Meeting or returning a ballot in person are explained in the newsletter information. Members vote for directors in their district to serve a three-year term. A member can expect to receive a ballot for a director election every third year.

Any questions on voting or elections can be answered by a phone call to the REA office at 1-800-473-1722.