Establishing a New Service

New Service Application & Design

A staking engineer will be scheduled to meet with you to discuss your new service when the following forms and fees are received at our office:

  • Membership/Electric Service and Easement application. 
  • $550 connection charge
  • If additional construction is needed, the cost is $3.50/foot of construction for single-phase service and $6.40/foot for three-phase service
  • Should Runestone’s Design Engineer specify overhead construction and the member requires underground, the member will pay a $1.00 per foot premium over stated non-refundable charges

Runestone Electric Association will design the service extension and determine if any additional charges or requirements apply.

We energize your electrical service after the above and any other local and state requirements are met and a copy of the inspection certificate (affidavit) is at the REA office.

Important note: The billing of the $29.25 (plus Minnesota sales tax and county-specific taxes may apply) will begin when our construction has been completed, even if no meter has been installed.

Some accounts require little or no construction on our part. Our facilities in some cases are already in place. In those situations please note that the $29.25 monthly fixed charge plus tax will begin with the next billing cycle.

Site Preparation

It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare the property for the installation of the electrical service. This includes: the grading and landscaping of the property, tree trimming and a clear unobstructed path for the electric service as specified by staking engineers.

Wiring Inspection

Temporary and permanent services must be inspected by a Minnesota State Electrical Inspector. As a homeowner, you are allowed to complete your own wiring, or you may have a master electrician do it for you.

Whenever a homeowner or an electrical contractor installs wiring or performs other electrical work, Minnesota law requires an electrical inspector to perform a proper inspection of the work. A rough-in inspection must be made before any wiring is covered. A final inspection is also required. For more information visit

We will energize your service when we receive a copy of the approved inspection certificate (affidavit) and all Runestone Electric Association’s requirements are met.

Click here for details on homeowner wiring and inspection.