Tree Trimming

Runestone Electric Association (REA) has an extensive right of way tree clearing program. Contracted crews systematically inspect trees within our service area to manage trees that pose a problem for system reliability and to ensure the safety of our members.

Clearance Needed

When trimming, REA seeks to obtain a minimum of ten years of clearance, but the clearance needed depends on the voltage of the wires. The recommended clearance from the tree to power lines is 15’ on all sides.

Tree Removal

Fast-growing, tall trees (such as elms, willows, silver maples) located directly under primary wires can cause repeated outages. To prevent repeat outages and keep the cost of our services down, we prefer to remove these trees rather than frequently prune them. A representative of the tree contractor hired by REA will notify the property owner before removing a tree.

Brush Clean-Up

REA contractors will clean up brush from a related trimming, but this does not include additional dead/diseased trees, brush/wood from a member’s property, or debris resulting from a storm or emergency trimming.

Member Requested Tree Trimming

When a member has concerns about a tree in their yard or would like assistance in removing a tree, REA will provide services to obtain its standard clearances from the line. If acceptable line clearance already exists, REA can assist the member by temporarily disconnecting the line to allow the tree work to be completed. When this work falls outside of the regular maintenance cycle, disposal of debris is the responsibility of the member.

All lines beyond the meter location belong to the member and tree clearance on those lines is the member’s responsibility. REA recommends hiring a professional, line-clearance certified tree contractor when tree work near electrical conductors is necessary. Please contact call REA at 1-800-473-1722 at least 48 hours prior to schedule a de-energizing appointment.

Storms and Outages

If a tree causes an outage the line crew or tree crew will clear the tree parts from the line. Debris disposal is the responsibility of the property owner.