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We have been alerted us to a scam in which a caller threatened to shut off their electricity unless they immediately made a payment on their accounts. Be suspicious if anyone insists on immediate payment of any kind. Hang up and contact Runestone Electric Association, at 1-800-473-1722, to verify your account status and report the scam. Don’t be fooled by caller ID numbers. Scammers can 'spoof' numbers and appear to be calling from someone else’s phone number when, in fact, they are not. Please contact your local law enforcement authorities and report any suspicious call, so that they are able to gather more information regarding the phone number that is calling and trying to pull this scam.  


Meter Replacement Program Underway

REA is in the process of replacing electric meters throughout our service territory. Click here to see if your meter will be replaced before the end of the year.


Call 1-855-385-9907 toll-free 24/7 to make a payment