REA offers farm energy management program

Agricultural producers are the focus of a new energy audit program that is now available to members of Runestone Electric.

Agricultural Producer
Is defined as: “An individual or entity directly engaged in the production of agricultural products, including crops; livestock; forestry products; hydroponics; nursery stock; or aquaculture, whereby 50% or greater of their gross income is derived from those products

Qualified participants will receive one-on-one assistance in identifying and prioritizing energy efficiency opportunities to ultimately come away from the experience with an energy management plan to implement.

“We understand that each operation is unique and requires personalized assistance,” said Ryan Rooney, REA’s Energy Services & Business Development Manager. “This program will take the guesswork out of where you should spend your time, money and efforts when it comes to energy management.”

Audit outcomes will provide information ranging from simple, no-cost operational changes that can save you money to an analysis of your energy use, which equipment is using the most energy and what can be done to decrease your energy costs.

REA is able to offer this opportunity with assistance from its wholesale power provider Great River Energy, which was recently awarded a $100,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Energy for America Program (USDA-REAP) to conduct these audits. Program participants will only need to pay 25 percent of the cost of their agricultural audit, with the other 75 percent being covered through grant funding. Average audit costs are approximately $2,500 but can vary based on operation size.


Step 1 – Call GDS Associates at 800-441-8525 to verify eligibility and costs.

Step 2 – GDS Associates will conduct a site visit and complete an energy audit that includes an in-depth analysis and recommendations via a comprehensive written energy management plan.

Step 3 – If you choose to implement energy efficiency upgrades as a result of the audit, contact REA as rebates may be available.