Please keep in mind all the below information as we come into the heating season.

Tips & Reminders:

  • During the heating season, the electric heat portion of your dual fuel system may be controlled up to a maximum of 400 hours, however this is rare.
  • Control will not will not exceed 12 hours per control event.
  • If you’re on dual fuel, check the electric and non-electric (dual) parts of your heating equipment now.
  • Check your propane tank to insure adequate backup supply 
  • We anticipate more control in the morning.
  • Check on the likelihood of control by visiting  Today’s Load Control
  • Sign up to get text messages on control days – text #loadcontrol to 22300.


Is Your Dual Fuel System Ready for Winter?

If you have a dual fuel heating system, also known as an off-peak system, now is the time to be sure your off-peak controls are functioning and your back-up system is prepared. Your fuel supply should be checked and chimneys cleaned.

Summer storms can damage equipment controls within off-peak heating systems. It is the member’s responsibility to contact an electrical contractor should the system not be functioning correctly.

If you have electric heat, but are not sure if you are on the dual fuel program, please call REA at (800) 473-1722.


Plans to Escape the Cold this Winter?

Stop and read BEFORE turning off your water heater at your electrical panel

Turning off your water heater when leaving on extended trips can be a good idea as long as you follow these tips:

1. Check your breakers Don’t turn off the breaker if you have a yellow sticker (pictured) or if your electrical panel lists your water heater circuit powering your off-peak meter and controller. If the breaker is turned off, you will miss out on the value of off-peak rates while you’re away.

2. Disconnect Switch Have your electrician install a disconnect switch. Installed next to the water heater, a disconnect switch lets you shut off your water heater while maintaining power to the off-peak meter and controller.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact REA.