REA plans to issue additional morning peak shave water heater load control over the next few months in an effort to test our ability to avoid energy market cost  The load control test will help us determine if additional cost savings are available for REA members.

The test will involve off-peak water heaters of 50 gallons or more, that are currently controlled as needed to avoid the Great River Energy (GRE) generation and transmission system peaks. Beginning in November and continuing through April 30, 2020, off-peak water heaters will also be controlled to avoid the peaks on the local transmission system.  The test will not include large capacity water heaters on the ETS everyday control program or small tank 4-hour control water heaters. We anticipate this test will involve controls of five to eight times a month on weekday mornings (5:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.). in addition to the current two to four evening control events per month.

REA’s off-peak water heater programs are intended to provide value to the member while maintaining adequate hot water for your needs.  Please contact our Energy Management Department with any additional questions you may have regarding this change.