New DistrictsAccording to Article III of the Bylaws of Runestone Electric Association, our service area is divided into seven districts. If the population of a district is more than 20% greater or 20% lesser than 1/7th of the total membership of the cooperative, the board of directors needs to redistrict the service
area equitably.
The map on the right is the redistricting plan approved by the REA Board of Directors at the October board meeting. The population around the Alexandra lakes area continues to grow and is nearing the 20% mandate. Likewise, population in the western portions of our service territory has declined. Changes to accommodate the population shift are listed below:

  • Urness Township moved from District 4 to District 3
  • Land Township moved from District 3 to District 7
  • Brandon Township moved from District 2 to District 4
  • Belle River Township moved from District 5 to District 6