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Payment Options

Pay with Automatic Bank Pay - No more checks to write or bills to mail. Pay your bills each month with automatic deductions from your checking or savings account using REA's Automatic Bank Pay.

Pay with EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) - Each month your bill is paid automatically by a credit card you designate. Use SmartHub to update credit card information, such as the expiration date.

Pay by Phone - With a simple phone call, you can make payments with a check, credit or debit card 24 hours a day! Call 1-855-385-9907 toll free. You will need your account number to make a payment.

Pay Online - REA's SmartHub online bill payment allows you to make payments 24 hours a day from anywhere as long as you have internet access. We accept VISA, Master Card & Discover as well as payment from your checking account. We apologize that we are unable to accept credit card payments on large or small commercial accounts and irrigation accounts. Click here for easy registration instructions.

Click here for a short video on how to use SmartHub (PLEASE NOTE: REA DOES NOT CHARGE A CONVIENCE FEE AS MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO)

Pay by Mail - Simply mail a check or money order addressed to Runestone Electric Association, 6875 Co Rd 28 SW, Alexandria, MN 56308. Be sure to allow 5 - 7 business days for your payment to arrive.

Pay in Person - You can bring your payment to our office in Alexandria during business hours or use our drive-up drop box outside our office 24 hours a day. Click here for a map to our office

Paperless Billing - View online statements instead of receiving a paper statement. After enrolling in our paperless billing option on our SmartHub website, you will no longer receive a paper statement. Click here for instructions on how to sign up for paperless billing.

Budget Billing - REA offers a Budget Pay Plan which averages your projected electric bills for the year and gives you a consistent monthly billing amount to pay each month. To qualify for budget pay, you must have been in residence at the same location for one year and be current with your bill. Contact REA for more information.